bringing to the present the fruits of my past

Traveling has been a passion of mine ever since I realized there was a world outside my own.  I am fascinated by the different cultures, landscapes, and experiences that come from stepping outside your comfort zone and exploring new territory.  After taking on numerous adventures in my early 20s, I decided to move back home full-time since I felt a strong desire to get to know my Self more as I was starting to get lost in the vastness of possibilities.

This site is here to bring it all together, the places my mind has wandered, the moments that were captured, all while exploring the universe and contemplating my existence. There’s only some rhyme and reason to this site since I wanted it to reflect what I’ve discovered: life is a beautiful collection of randomness that are all connected by an ultimate Truth. This Truth will be called something different based on your culture and/or religion and is something you’ll find frequently referred to in my works. I’m still on the path to discover what this Truth is for me, and I invite you to comment with your views, too.



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